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Sailboats in Angra dos Reis

Sailboats in Angra dos Reis


The sailboat rentals in Angra includes a meeting at our headquarters in downtown Buenos Aires, in order to evacuate all doubts regarding navigation in Angra.

Charter a sailboat charter in Angra dos Reis, 150 km south of Rio de Janeiro, without crew (bareboat) or with Skipper and scroll through the Ilha Grande Bay and its many islands, such as the Big Island, Island Gipoia, Caras island, etc. Know your deserted beaches and also the busiest, as the Beach Dentist. Navigate to the city of Paraty, typical colonial city in the seventeenth century, with its colorful bars, restaurants and handicraft shops. Explore its islands, such as Cotia and Cedar, knowing Mamanguá bag, only fjord present throughout the Brazilian coast. We have a fleet of sailboats, of various types and sizes, among which you can choose the one that best suits your goals.

Rent of Sailboats in Brazil


LOW SEASON (April to November, no holidays), DAILY PRICES

Rovere 30 ‘(maximum 5 Crewmembers)

Schroder 28 ‘(maximum 6 Crew)

Schroder 33 ‘(maximum 6 Crew)

HIGH SEASON (December to March and holidays), daily prices

It includes:

Training in the area to Browse Dicatada in Buenos Aires. Duration 2 hours

Training the use of the boat in Brazil. Duration 1 hour.


– Fuel: R $ 60 (per day) for 4 days / U $ S 20

R $ 300 Total (5 days onwards) / U $ S 100

Shipping rate: R $ 150 (for the entire period) / U $ S 50


– Skipper: R $ 300 / US $ 110 (per day)

– Scuba Diving (snorkel, mask and legs): R $ 56 / US $ 20 (for the period)

– Parrilla (barbecue): R $ 170 / US $ 60 (for the entire period)

– Outboard: R $ 120 / US $ 45 (per day). It includes fuel.

– Internet (3G Modem, Free): R $ 170 / US $ 60 (for the entire period)

– Overnight on board the day before the charter: 1/2 extra daily charge.

(Departure after 19:00, depending on availability)

– Overnight aboard the last day of charter: 1/2 extra daily charge.

(Disembark at 08:00 AM the day after the return)

– The daily will be calculated considering the number of days effective possession of the boat (not the number of nights). For example: renting a Saturday and Sunday, they will be taken as 2 daily even though there is only one night in the middle.

– The boat retires at 10 am the first day (Departure), and returned at 17 pm on the last day (Returning), without exception.

-To Reserve the boat 50% of the total will be paid, canceling the other 50% when taking possession of it.

‘The ship will be formally booked from payment of 50%. Until then the company may dispose of it, to assign who paid their reservation.

It’s mandatory to have a license to sail issued by Prefecture (helmsman, skipper or pilot).

-The Contractor must have basic knowledge of management and care of the internal engine of the sailboat, pledging to control the carter oil level daily, the rotor engine cooling water, charging batteries, belts, etc.

– The cost of insurance is included in the rental rate.

‘The insurance covers damage to the vessel and others. It does not cover persons on board. This does not cover breakage of engine overheating, so the ship responsible should know detect problems with the engine cooling circuit (detailed explanation is given out). Nor does it cover the dinghy and the outboard (optional).

He requires a cash collateral deposit of US $ 2,000.00 to remove the ship, which will be returned to the return of the boat, if there are no breakdowns (own or others) or missing due to theft or misplacement. This amount corresponds to the value of the insurance excess.

-The Navigation is only day and not allowed to navigate at night. This limited only to the Ilha Grande Bay (from Porto Real Paraty, and the northern part of Big Island, which is equivalent to 50 nautical miles) for security reasons.

-Fuel: Surrender and value of the full tank will be charged on departure of the ship, according to current rates, freeing the customer from responsibility for replenishing fuel to return.

-Boats Have bedding (sheets and blankets), towels and complete kitchen equipment, navigation charts and a rubber boat with oars.

-The Daily not include food or beverages. -There Is compensation for rainy days.

-We Offer optional transfers to and from the airport in Rio de Janeiro. See.

-We Also have accommodation in rooms with sea view, for those boaters who arrive before or removed after the date of navigation.

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