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(Español) Angra dos Reis

(Español) Angra dos Reis

Training trip to Carmelo Oriental Republic of Uruguay, preserved with different navigation options.

a) Option own boat navigation.

b) Option navigation own boat and helmsman Content Nautico.

c) Option Content navigation in Nautico.

* Students and graduates with Brevet in hand can join sailing canned will do Carmelo., They sailed surrounded the boat Marine Content, reported by VHF radio, to contain them at all times of navigation, we will together Prefecture offices and accompany the docking maneuver at the Uruguayan port.

This type of travel experience and gives an instruction to forge as navigators, adding miles to our scrapbooks.

We will make a preliminary meeting to finalize details of navigation, clear doubts, analyze fueling. etc.

* Students may join undergraduates with your boat with a helmsman Content Nautico.

* If you wish you prune embark on our boats, practicing intensively types of traditional navigation and electronic navigation, plotting defeats, tides and currents, management of meteorological information, compliance with VHF communications with coast stations, armed boats rescue training routine guard groups, preparation of the boat and its crew for navigation in bad weather (special security measures), compliance with administrative formalities for release, migration and customs.

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