Punta del Este

Punta del Este

Crossing instruction to Punta del Este

This trip will allow you to hone your skills. Crew members have the opportunity to practice intensively all his background and experience unique and unrepeatable experiences. The purpose of these trips is to provide responsible training (in real time).

Avistarás: Farallon headlights, La Panela, Montevideo and Isla de Flores. You will incorporate: great aptitude in igh t L ife navigation.

In addition to the magic of crossing of navigation in the river of La Plata, own charms Peninsula with its magnificent Puerto Maldonado Yates added.

Pudes be crewman in the leg Buenos Aires – Punta del Este and / or Punta del Este – Buenos Aires.

Requirements: have completed at least one cross to Cologne with Nautico containg

Duration 40 hours

Shipping: see our next outing.

No you can not lose it!

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