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Specialization for Helmsmen

These clinics have been developed, to keep you browsing and improving your knowledge and incorpores new maneuvers.

Topics to be developed:

Spinnaker: Its use, Izada, Arriada, Trim, jibe

Genoa: Trimming and tuning

Mayor: Trimming and tuning; Vang-Use

Traveler: use and improved performance

Popel: use and work on it.

Anchoring: different techniques – Buoy Mooring in – and in various ports

Duration: 2 months – limited vacancies.

Cost: $ 1300.- per month, Includes bibliographical references

Date 06/08/2016
Schedule 9:00hs to 12:00hs
Duration 2 months
Value $1.300 per month
Headquarters San Fernando Headquarters
55 Boulevard de la Rivera (Calle Colon and Rio Lujan)

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